March 3, 2019


Hi everyone! Welcome to Merci and… welcome to my first post! This is very exciting for me, I have always wanted to start a personal blog. This is a dream come true and even though I am still very nervous to share this with all of you, I can’t wait any longer!

Before I get really ahead of myself, I should probably tell you a bit about who I am. My name is Sam, I am a full-time Public Relations student. I have a love for design, writing, working out and fashion. During the past couple of months, I have started on a little journey of being as happy, confident, and as thankful as I can be.

I want to share the gratitude I have for my loved ones, my favourite tips on health and beauty, and updates on life! Like stated before, I am a student so I continue to find new tips and tricks to handle the stress of school and life. Even though I am not a fashionista or a beauty guru, I love to talk about fashion, my favourite brands, and beauty products. This is what Merci is for: everything and anything.

I want this to be a space of kindness, friendship, and love. I want to hear from my readers, if you would like for me to review a product or write about any topic just let me know!

Merci a million times for your support.

Love always, Sam