The importance of setting goals and being present for yourself

Goal: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.


I came across this quote (above) that really resinated with me earlier this week. I have never been a goal-oriented person until this year. Once I realized that I wanted to start this blog, I started thinking about the other goals I have. I have a list of “things” I want to complete and I realized that I should start taking these ideas more seriously. Starting Merci was my first goal, it took me months to plan and it was hard to motivate myself up to publish it. Michael Hyatt said, “Most people spend more time planning a one-week vacation than they spend planning their life.” I feel like that is 100% true, most people worry more about going to the beach for a week than their own goals and future. I understand that there is a lot that goes into travelling far, but really…. your life is pretty important too (if your only life goal is to travel, then keep up the good work and you’re doing great, honey). Everyone has ideas that they dream about making come true, no matter your age or the stage of life you may be in. I try to write out my top four goals every chance I get, I aim to write out my goals once a week. I focus on two short-term and two long-term goals. These can always change and I know that I am the most indecisive person ever, so mine will definitely change as I come up with more goals.

When thinking about your goals, it is usually the first short-term and long-term ones you think of. You can make your goals anything, but my challenge for you is to make them rewarding for no one else but yourself. Kids, partners, houses, and family/friends tend to get in the way of personal growth. But, it is important to have something that is 100% yours. My goals are very hobby focused and health focused, these are things that I want to do for myself and would make me feel amazing if I achieved. Some of the things I list will be continuous and I will be looking at regularly while others can get checked off my list after I complete them. This is the amazing thing about goal setting, it is 100% under your control and it is okay to make them ALL ABOUT YOU! Your short-term goals could be something you can work towards daily, weekly or monthly while your long-term goals can be something you want to achieve in two to five years. I like to think about my future within these timelines, I don’t want to rush myself to complete a goal but I am aware with what works for my schedule. I want to really succeed and feel super accomplished, if my short-term goal ends up taking over a year for me to feel satisfied with it then… oh well.

I like remind myself of my goals is to write them out in a notebook, planner or on a whiteboard. I need to visually see my goals so I can remind myself everyday of what I need to be focusing on. I also like to write out what I want do to achieve these goals. I can get creative with my ideas. Being focused on your goals and planning them will also help you start to be more organized with every-day life. When you start a behaviour, it usually take 10-12 days of consistency to make that behaviour your new norm. Making lists, actually looking at your goals, planning, and working towards one thing (or four things) will help you start to organize other aspects of your life. Rachel Hollis said this and I love it: “This amazing thing happens when you start to grow in one area of your life…other areas improve right along with it.” Organization and focus are very important when setting goals for the future.

Let’s look back at our definition of what a goal is from the beginning of this post: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. It is a desired result that only we can produce. You and your goals reflect who you truly are and it is important to have ambition towards what you want. I am starting to looking at goal setting less like a large chance of failure and more like a chance for positive change that only I can control. One thing I like to have in my life is control, especially of my behaviour and emotions. Goal setting is a way I can organize my mess-of-a-life that includes school, work, being active, and this blog or future endeavours.

My Goals

I already know that these could easily change, I am the most indecisive person and my brain constantly has ideas on the go. I tried to select a short-term goal that I can continually work towards for right now, as well, a long-term goal that always seemed out of reach for me. My long-term goals are BIG ones and my short-term goals are more current and something I an incorporate into my everyday life.

Short-term Goals

1. Work out 3-5 times a week, just get moving.

2. Publish a quality blog post every two weeks.

Long-term Goals

1. Write and publish a book before the age of 30.

2. Visit, back-pack or camp for one month in a super cool location.

These are always things I come back to. Being active and writing are huge things in my life that I want to be successful at. For my future, I want to travel as much as I can after school and it would be amazing to publish a book like Rachel Hollis or even a fictional novel. Those are things that I would love to work towards just for myself. I have a notebook that is specifically goal based, I put ideas and inspiration in this notebook. Doing this helps me stay motivated to work towards all of my goals.

Try this out and see the change that you can create! Your goals can be career, school, health, love, or personal growth inspired, they are purely about you! Have fun with your goals and hopefully you are able to really be present for yourself and your future. Thank you so much for reading this blog, I hope you liked it. Make sure to follow Merci on Instagram, tell me what your goals are or what you thought about this post.