Note your success for growth in the future

I was walking up my driveway after having a very successful Starbucks homework date with me, myself, and I when I noticed something. This random feeling of happiness and acceptance came over me. It was weird because I have never actually physically felt that before. That may sound crazy but I was so proud of myself and I actually felt love for myself, which I think everyone should strive to feel on a daily basis. I have had a lot of bad days where my moodiness ruined my day or I let something small get to me. But for once, l was just happy to be me and happy to experience the growth that I wanted. I also do not want this post to be mushy because super mushy and serious writing makes me cringe, but just trust me, this feeling was awesome and really motivated me to keep making positive growth for myself.

I think this feeling came from seeing myself start to look more like the image I created of who I always wanted to be. In my last post, The importance of setting goals and being present for yourself, I mentioned goals I had for myself and working towards them. Very similar to this, I have goals for who I want to be which I believe everyone should have; these goals are not what I want to achieve or do career/hobby wise but who I want to become personality wise. I want to be ambitious, creative, and independent. These are things that I would have never associated with myself three years ago. I guess starting college really helped me come out of my box, being in a new environment and working towards your future can really help you grow as a person. I am starting to be more independent, which is something I want to really highlight because I used to be afraid to walk down the street alone or go literally ANYWHERE by myself. I can actually feel myself maturing and changing into the person I want to be and pictured myself being. I love going out by myself to write at Starbucks or going to yoga, these could be small things but I never would have been able to do either of those things three years ago. I never knew how independent I could be in certain aspects of my life until I just started saying “yes” instead of letting my fear be louder.

This leads me into why you should care about anything I am saying. I experienced this feeling of love and confidence because I saw the positive changes I was making and remembered how much I have grown. It’s important to remember how you felt before change started to occur because it will only fuel more change. In the notebook I mentioned in my last post for my goal setting, I also like to jot down personal achievements I have reached in a list and how I accomplished that personal change. If you’re going to try this, I want you to make this list about your changes that are physical, mental, or emotional progress for you. These are not awards you have won or the promotion you got at work.

I have noticed changes in my body, I feel stronger and healthier. I have noticed a giant change in my independence. I am becoming more ambitious with my goals and how I work towards my goals. I have also created a habit of being more organized by making so many lists and noting my goals and accomplishments. Focusing on internal aspects of myself has helped me stay organized with external things, like this blog or my future career. I want you to try this and it will help you start to consciously think about how you can allow yourself to grow in the future. Start taking notice of your accomplishments and any positive changes that you start to see in yourself, don’t ignore changes. Celebrate them.

If you read my last post about goal-setting, I want you to keep reminding yourself of the goals you set, take notes of any progress, and start to push yourself out of the box you’re living in. Those are three things that have helped me grow. I challenge you to take a step back mentally and think about the personal progress you have made, we get very caught up in school, work or other stressors. You should be able to feel happy, proud and have love for who you are today.

Fear is just something that keeps you from growth, I am starting to let go of my fears and I can finally feel proud of who I am right now. Start taking note of your successes and you will understand the feeling I experienced. I hope this inspired you to do some internal Spring cleaning!

Merci and love always,