How I take care of my Mental and Physical Health

Hello everyone and Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! I have been loving the nice weather lately and I am super thankful that flu season has passed. In February, I was sick for what felt like the whole month with each week bringing something new. My family was not impressed since they were stuck living with the walking dead, lucky for them… I gave them everything I had (yay for family!). After experiencing a full month of sickness, I vowed to try to take better care of my body. This was something that started the domino effect of me working on myself more seriously than I ever have. I always talk about growth and how happy I am of who I have become. This was something that helped me get to where I am, taking care of my body and trying new things is what started my journey. I found amazing new things about myself just from focusing more on me. These are things I have either been doing for years or more recent changes that helped take care of myself more. I would like to say, before we move into my favourite tips, that these may not work for everyone, these tips are things I believe help me personally.

You are your own person, take care of your body the way you feel is right for you.

Essential Oils

I started using essential oils a couple years ago, I was extremely intrigued in trying them because I heard from a lot of people that diffusing oils helps with allergies, headaches, sleep, and stress. Being a student, stress was a major factor that played into me getting sick and not being very healthy overall. Handling stress was one of my main guiding forces for using essentials oils, the other was how it helped my immune system. I diffuse oils when I’m studying, writing, and sleeping which helps me get the most out of them. I also use them as a natural air freshener because artificial smells really bug my allergies, with natural oils my allergies are happy and calm.

Here are some combinations I love:

  • I love to mix one drop of Peppermint and one drop of Cinnamon with a couple drops of Eucalyptus. Using these three together create a super cozy and relaxing vibe, it’s the perfect Christmas scent but I use it year round because, why not.
  • For sunny days where I want to feel energetic and be ultra-productive, I like to use one drop of the DoTerra Citrus Bliss and 3-4 drops of Eucalyptus. This blend is super energizing, light, and makes me feel so happy.
  • When my allergies are acting up, I use one drop of Peppermint and three drops of Eucalyptus. This really helps clear my sinuses and helps me breath better when I am super stuffy. This is really good for focus and stress, too.

As you can see, Eucalyptus is a go-to for pretty much any combination. I find Eucalyptus helps calm down and lighten other oils, so the smell is not too strong and overbearing (like citrus smells). If you’re planning on starting your essential oils collection, you need Eucalyptus oil. I love using essential oils, obviously the reaction will be different for each person and I understand that. Again, this is something that helps me.


I have been trying out Hot Yoga at a local studio for almost a month now and I am in love with it! Working out in super hot temperatures, doing poses and movements that really help strength my body feels amazing. I used to go the gym to run and mainly focus on core workouts, but hot Yoga is just as beneficial for the whole body and it is a lot more fun. I have noticed a lot of positive changes in my mood and body from starting Yoga. I am trying to stick with my goal I set in my goal-setting post and do at least 3-5 hours of Yoga every week. I have been pretty successful with this goal, right now I am able to attend 3-4 classes a week. I feel like everyone should try a hot Yoga class at least once or twice. I love Yoga because it helps me with:

  • Reducing stress
  • Strengthening my immune system
  • Clearing my body and skin of toxins (by sweating a CRAP TON during class)
  • Feeling balanced with my body

Yoga is extremely relaxing for me, it is amazing for my mental health because it is 60-90 mins of just focusing on working out and breathing. I tend to have a very busy and cluttered mind that usually consists of new ideas for Merci or re-listing my daily schedule a thousand times, but I love going to Yoga and not thinking about anything for an hour.


I know this is something that you’re probably told a lot, so I will keep it short. Since starting Yoga, the amount of water I drink in a day has increased by a lot. This is good, because I am the worst for remembering to drink enough water. No matter how hard I try I could never drink the “proper” amount of water I need for my body. I am still not drinking as much as I should, but it is getting better and I am pushing myself to drink 3-4 bottles of water a day. I would like to start mixing fruit and mint in with my water to help me reach my goal of 7-9 bottles of water a day. I used to have EXTREMELY oily skin, but drinking more water has helped with that and I feel that my face is brighter. If I do not drink enough water, I feel tired, weak, and my skin feels dull and dirty.

To find out how much water you should be drinking, take your weight and divide that by 2 (e.g: 145 divided by 2 = 72.5). That number you got is in ounces, which you can convert to cups to find out how many cups you need to drink in a day for your body weight (72.5 ounces = 9 cups).


Similar to drinking water, staying organized is pretty straight forward. But, if you are a student or busy professional and do not own a planner, you need to reevaluate everything. Having a good planner and actually using it has saved me from having sooo many meltdowns during exam season; you can use your planner for jot notes, to-do lists, and obviously, weekly due dates for anything. I will schedule everything, from the times I am planning to hang out with friends to when I am going to make time to write or even clean my room (which is rare, but I’m working on it). No matter how silly it may be, just put in the planner so you do not forget anything and then you can actually see your week ahead of time. If you want more time to relax and go to Yoga, schedule a couple of classes a week ahead in your planner and instantly you are accountable for going to class. It’s like writing it down makes it a permanent plan that you must go along with.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions about the essential oils I use or anything else you read in this post, just let me know on instagram. While you are there make sure you follow me so we can be friends! I hope you find that some of these help you take better care of your body. Like I stated before, you know your body better than anyone else so always do what feels right for you.

Merci and love always,