3 things to remember when in a relationship

Relationships influence who you are and have the power to determine your future, they shouldn’t be taken lightly no matter if it is a romantic relationship or friendship. I am lucky to have really amazing people in my life that have always supported my goals and dreams. Having positive and healthy connections is very important to me. I want the people in my life to add to my happiness, not take away from it. I always tried to think of this is in romantic relationships. It is so easy to be “blinded by love” but, I like to take a step back and think about the relationship I am in. Here are three things to think about when dating someone:

If you’re judging things that can’t be change overnight, let it go or let them go

This is SUPER IMPORTANT because of the world that we live in with photoshop, social media and other influences. We get nit picky on things that should not important because these small things mean we’re not reaching perfection. If you are judging your partner for things that they can not change over night then you either need to let it go or let them go. Attitude can change pretty fast, body parts cannot. If there are things that you just can’t live with or you can’t stand by, discuss it with them but be respectful if their feelings (aka, don’t tell your partner they are fat or ugly…).

Stop asking other people for their opinion on your relationship

I was always bad for this because I am very indecisive and easily overthink everything. I like to ask my friends for their opinions on situations or people in my life. Then I realized, I can make decisions by myself using my own opinions/beliefs. I understand there will be times where I want advice or need an outside opinion, but I find too many people crave acceptance and look to others for that. So, from now on, your relationship = your opinions.

Focus on now, not 5 years down the road

I am going to contradict what I just said above for a quick second. I think planning your future with someone and thinking about the future with that person is very important. However, what I mean when I say, “focus on now” is do not not put pressure on the unknown. Don’t let the future put pressure or strains on your relationship, if it is meant to be it will happen and you will get there. I learned that a relationship should be a day-by-day focus in order to keep your relationship a top priority, it shouldn’t be defined on if there is a future or what you want in the future. Focus on now and work your way to the future!

Thank you for reading Merci! I hope you find some inspiration and good advice here!

Merci a million times.