Becoming a leader + focusing on good energy

Earlier this week, I got really good feedback from someone I mentor in my career. The word “leader” was used and it was new for me, but it felt amazing to get such nice feedback for something I am working so hard on. This got me thinking about what makes a good leader or a bad leader and how people become “leaders”. I have never been called a leader before so getting positive feedback like this really made me feel confident and happy. I wanted to do more to feel like I was a leader of any kind again. It was new and I felt like I was becoming the person I want to be in a group and professional setting!

Being a leader does not mean you need to give directions or be in charge of a team. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, but I feel like they should all have a couple things in common. “Leaders” should be:

  • Transparent
  • Kind
  • Eager to learn and teach

I work with an amazing team at my Co-op, they made me realize what good leaders truly are. The qualities listed above are the most important because you need to be transparent with what you want to accomplish and what you expect from yourself or others. Leading into the next one, you need to be kind to others. Fear does not equal power. You want people to respect you, look up to you and trust you which can be EARNED through kindness. A really good leader understands that learning is constant, knowledge is power and leaders can use that to help others. Be generous when sharing what you know, don’t feel like you need to hide what you learn or discover, share it and help others! I believe focusing on these things will help you immensely.

You can be a business leader, a thought leader, a community leader, or someone that is looked up to by one single person. You distill morals and values in other’s, so make sure you are sharing good energy with everything you do. When you do so, good energy will come back to you. This leads me to my next topic which is Karma.

Do you believe in Karma?

A lot of people do and a lot of people do not, like ghosts or supernatural things, Karma is iffy because it depends on each person’s beliefs. I personally believe in Karma, but more so the energy you put out into the world. If you want positivity in your life, you need to share good energy and it will come back to you. We all know the saying “Karma will bite you in the butt” or “Karma is a you-know-what” but it is true. If you treat people like trash or don’t believe in the value of the three things I listed before, you will get treated in a negative way. Energy comes back full circle. That is why I want to continue being a “leader” in anyway I can, I used to be the shy kid that was a follower and too scared to speak up because of fears of being judged. But now, I know the impact I can have by being kind and using my experiences as a positive guide in my life.

If you don’t believe me, just try it out. Live by the three things I mentioned and you will get treated differently, you will feel better and your energy will be more positive. If you think you already act like the perfect leader, reevaluate and see how your actions or behaviours could be even better. How can you incorporate transparency, kindness and an openness for learning and sharing into your everyday life? This can help you start to be the leader that other’s look up to, but you will also grow into the best version of you which is the most important thing.

Thank you for reading Merci.