Three books that teach you what school does not

I am goal-obsessed, I love to make short-term and long-term goals then continually check in on any progress I have made. For about a year now I have focused on goals that helped my physical health, my happiness and my future but, one thing I really want to concentrate on moving forward is my brain. I have worked on my body to make it strong again, I have focused on choosing happiness and I am continually looking for things that can better my future. Now, it’s time to help my brain be as knowledgable and strong as it can be. I used to read every day when I was in Elementary school and as I got older, that changed. So, I have set a new goal to read as much as I can! There are things I feel that I should know by now but was never taught or really felt comfortable talking about in school (aka, money and mental health). I realized that high school and even college does not educate you on how to live life. I can write a solid seven page essay or social media post; however, ask me to talk about taxes or budgeting and I SUCK. This is why I looked for books that would give me answers on “how to adult” and would educate me more than provide entertainment; this includes books that talk about finance, confidence when working towards your goals (business or hobby related) and how to be creative when you’re stuck in a box.

I would highly recommend these books I am about to mention for people who want to learn more “street smarts” but don’t know how or where. You can always ask adults for advice, but I think it is more beneficial to try to learn for yourself and find what is best for you. One thing I noticed about all the books I chose is how easy they were to read. I don’t mean “easy” in a grade three reading level way, but it felt like I was having a conversation with the author which kept me reading. Also, these books are not filled with boring lectures that don’t actually help, I got useful advice that I wish I learned before going to College!

Three books that teach you what school does not:

  • For money help, read: “The Financial Diet: A total beginners guide to getting good with money” by Chelsea Fagan and designed by Lauren Ver Hage (It’s beautiful…)
  • For female empowerment and advice for starting a business, blog or being your own boss, read: “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis
  • For creativity, read: “Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon (super easy but fun read!)

I can’t wait to share more of my favourite books with you in the future! I have a long list of books I want to read that would fall under the “wish I learned this in school” category as well as fun fictional books, so stay tuned for more recommendations in the future! Make sure you follow the Merci blog and mercibysam on Instagram to stay connected.

Merci a million times.