Trying Clean and Natural Skin Care Products + Honest Reviews

HELLO FRIENDS! I am super determined to help my skin be the best that it can be and become more aware of what I shouldn’t be using on my skin. In my last skin care update, I was very disappointed the products I had were not really helping my skin but making it worse. I also realized that the ingredients were gross in the drugstore products I used. So, I went to visit The Truth Beauty Company and I am OBSESSED! They offer clean and natural products that are mostly Canadian/local. This is my first time trying a full and real clean skin care routine. I have used products that claimed to be “clean”, but they were still products with unknown chemicals in it. Most of these products are made from natural oils, essentials oils and plant-based ingredients. There are some products I am still iffy on but overall, I am very impressed.

This is what I got during my visit, except for the Simply Smith Soap Co. Soap. From The Truth Beauty Company, I got the Wildcraft Oil Cleanser, Wildcraft Renew Eye Serum, Cocoon Apothecary Orange Blossom Facial Cream, and the Salt & Stone Mineral Sunscreen. In case you haven’t heard of these brands or products yet, I thought I would do a small review of what I liked or didn’t like, as well as the ingredients that I loved and you should look for.

Let’s start with Wildcraft, The oil cleanser has changed my life. I am used to cleansers that strip the natural oils from my face and dry it out. I am still getting used to the feeling of oil on my face after washing it but I am really enjoying using a oil-based cleanser as my first cleasning step. What I mean by the “feeling of oil on my face” is because it’s an oil-based cleanser it leaves some residue as a protective layer which can be very moisturizing. Sometimes I don’t even use moisturizer after washing and toning because my face already feels prepped from this. Only downfall I had was how much oil was left on my face, I have to rinse with water before wiping off my face with a cloth because sometimes I feel like it is a little too oily.

From the present” update: I am rereading this post and realized I didn’t have a follow up cleansers for after the oil cleanser. If you are using an oil cleanser, you should really follow up with a gel, foam or milk cleanser to get rid of that residue. The first cleans is to break down oil and makeup, while the second step is to remove everything the oil broke down. This is called a “double cleanse” and it has saved my skin.

My favourite ingredient in this is Tea Tree oil, it has helped my face with blemishes so much! It has Tea Tree oil, Marshmallow root extract and Sunflower oil which are super detoxifying and moisturizing for the skin. I am still working on finding the perfect way to wash my face with this so it doesn’t feel greasy afterwards (see my 2020 update above), but I would still give it an 8/10!

The Renew Eye serum, I have no cons for this. If you follow my Instagram then you know I have been raving about this product for awhile. It has helped my under eyes immensely and it has only been two weeks. I have been told it gets better the more you use it, so I have been using it night and day. My eyes are brighter, less puffy and the fine lines are slowly disappearing, I am exaggerating at all. This eye serum has Turmeric and Yarrow in it which HOLY MOLY, these together are amazing for the skin. I love Turmeric and have been obsessed with it lately because it is an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredient, this product is where the obsession began. It also smells amazing, I have allergies to strong scents but this is a super sweet but earthy scent that is natural. 10/10, just love it!

Cocoon Apothecary Orange Blossom Facial Cream, I am still on the fence about this one. It is extremely light and moisturizing but I feel like this is not a product you can layer or use with an oil cleanser. The combination of the oil cleanser and this leave my skin kind of greasy and sticky. I think because of the Argan oil, it is super nourishing but I can’t use an oil as a base for this. That would be the only downfall for this cream, if I use it with a regular face wash it seems to be fine and not as greasy. But, I am still figuring out if this may be too much for my oily skin type. I love how it smells… obviously like Orange, but it still does not bug my allergies! I was surprised with all of these products, the scents do not bug me at all. For this cream, I will give it an 8/10! (2020 Update: I don’t use this anymore, I think it is better for normal skin types, it’s a nice product but not for oily skin types.)

Last but not least, Salt & Stone Mineral Sunscreen (30 SPF). HOLY MOLY, guys I love this sunscreen and it has changed everything! I am extremely pale, so I burn in a matter of seconds in the sun. I used to use Hawaiian Tropics did not protect my skin as much as I needed, even with SPF 50+. This mineral sunscreen is more difficult to rub in and blend, but it works wonders. I used it at the beach all day and I barely burned when I should have been a lobster. I also love how it is reef safe, I go snorkelling a lot on vacation and now I can protect my skin while being in the water. Salt & Stone sunscreen smells like candy and marshmallows, it is wonderful! I also can use it on my face to protect my skin more and it doesn’t make me break out. All-in-all, I love this product and give it an 11/10!

Like I said in my last skin care review, I was not getting what I wanted from the drugstore products I was using. I couldn’t understand the ingredients and it was super drying for my skin, which just made my face become more oily in the long run. I am in love with Turmeric and Tea Tree oil, these have been lifesavers for my skin and I love how most of these brand use those ingredients. Clean products have changed my skin and I am finally seeing positive changes, I barely wear makeup and my face is looking more healthy which is what I wanted. Since trying natural skin care, I would rather spend money on skin care than makeup.

I hope this helped and gave you some inspiration for new products or ingredients to look for, you can get many of these products online so check them out! For oily skin, it is very hard to find products without fillers that actually help oil production but these are all amazing. Everyone’s skin is different so what works for me, may not work for you. But I would 100% try these products because they all amazing quality that does not hurt your bank account.