A week in workouts + my fitness routine

I love to work out and be active. Sadly, this attitude towards fitness did not always follow me as I got older and started College. When I graduated high school, I no longer had to run for gym class or play sports so my strength, endurance and confidence really plummeted. I loved my body, I have always loved feeling and looking strong so when I stopped working out I noticed my body changing right away. Not feeling confident with my physique influenced my attitude and happiness, I was super unhappy when I should have been having fun with life and did not realize that it was my body telling me to change. I need to be active to be the best daughter, girlfriend and friend I can be, so I started working out.

I want to share what I do each week for workouts because I do not work out everyday and nor should you unless that works for you. For many, going to the gym everyday or running 5K is not normal or attainable with their schedule and fitness level. I only work out three to four times a week, somedays it could be walking for an hour and other days it is an intense cardio workout. I stopped looking at what fitness influencers do as the “workout bible” and I stopped thinking that I should be them, I can’t and I shouldn’t feel pressure to be at their level. You can do whatever works best for you, even if that is starting out with one day a week. A year ago, I would work out here and there until I started to love how being active made me feel, I was happy and more outgoing. I felt confident and myself again, when in first year of College… I was neither.

It is about quality, not quantity.

I also work full-time now and I understand how hard it is to stay motivated while trying to find an hour to workout. But, always remember that is it about the quality of your workout, not quantity. You just really have to push yourself and be strict with your inner monologue, your body will tell you to just nap and eat but you need to say no. Get dressed and get ready before you can even let the lazy thoughts stop you.

This is my week in workouts and what I like to do each week to ensure I have variety for my body as well as a set schedule. I may schedule different days or change what I do each day depending on what my body is telling me, but I always aim to workout three to four times a week.

I usually never workout Monday, this is one my my rest days because my body is very tired. I will take the dogs for a walk or go outside to tan and stretch if the weather is nice, but I tend to always leave Mondays free.

TUESDAY– Cardio and strength
Tuesdays are ALWAYS a workout day for me, I like to workout on Tuesday to help me recover from my laziness on Monday. I tend to gravitate towards cardio and strength training which usually consists of upper body circuits and Stairs, Rowing or Biking. I am not a big runner for cardio, but I am trying to change this so I can take part in some races next summer. For now stairs, rowing and biking are AMAZING ways to sweat a bunch without being harsh on my joints. Below are little 30 minute to 45 minute workouts I will use to guide me.

For more upper body and cardio, try this:

You can substitute whatever you want, I always repeat abs twice and if I can I will try to repeat arms too. You can warm up with Stairs or Biking for 10-15 minutes, I usually try to change it up since walking on a treadmill is very boring for me.

For full body and cardio, try these:

Option One:

Option Two:

WEDNESDAY– Walking and Stretching
After an intense cardio and strength training day, I like to give my body a little rest but also keep it moving so I’m not super sore. I will walk on the track for 30 to 40 minutes or walk the dogs after work for a little. This is a good day for walking and stretching to keep your muscles from tightening up which can cause injury (I learned that the hard way, ALWAYS STRETCH).

THURSDAY- Yoga or Cardio
I am slowly getting back into Yoga which I am SUPER excited about because Hot Yoga is my jam. It makes me feel so strong and rejuvenated, even when I want to cry during class. I will usually attend an evening yoga class, but if I can’t get to a class I will use the stairclimber or bike at the gym. But, Thursday is usually my go-to yoga day.

Friday, like Monday, is my rest day to just be lazy and relax after a long week. I like to go out and be social or even just stay in with a good movie. On Fridays, I don’t put pressure on myself to workout since I just want to relax after work.

SATURDAY– Rest and Cleaning Day
Saturday is my day to clean everything and get stuff done. A bit of a lazy day but that’s okay, I love having relaxing days off to focus on things other than work or the gym. This is a good Merci and side hustle day!

SUNDAY– Workout of choice day
This is the day that I like to really listen to my body and do what feels right. I had two days off so I like to do something that really challenges my body. I usually go for an at-home Yoga session, a run on the treadmill or even a good hike. Sunday is an intense, high energy workout to get ready for the week ahead. No sleeping in for Sam on Sundays!

So, friends, this is what I like to do every week. The most staple days for me are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I will try to walk on One or Two of my “off” days to ensure I am still moving whenever I can. Being active has honestly changed my life, that may sound cliche but I am 100% serious. I feel happy when I am able to workout, I am a VERY moody person and this keeps me from becoming snappy. I also am way more confident in my body and my strength, I think being strong is beautiful. For me it’s not about being slim, I just want to be strong and keep my body healthy. It’s easy to get stuck in a toxic mindset about why you should be working out. I never weigh myself and I don’t care about numbers, I care about how I feel and working out makes me feel amazing.

I hope you liked this post, I want to start taking more about being active and what I do at the gym since this is a very important part of my life. Try out these workouts but also remember that being active will be and should be different for everyone. Have fun, be active and be happy!

Thanks for reading!