My morning and night skin care routine + saying goodbye to makeup wipes

Hello beauties! I hope your week was super productive and as stress-free as possible. I feel amazing and I think that is because I am finally feeling good in every aspect of my life. I have added Yoga back into my fitness routine (which is kicking my butt) and my skin care routine is starting to finally work out. I have written a couple posts about my non-existent skin care routine which is now slowly turning into legit things I do to my face daily! In the beginning, I had cheap products that just were not doing enough and now I have collected products that I am currently living for! In my latest skin care post, I gave a review of clean and natural beauty products I have been trying for about a month now. After that review I have adjusted my routine slightly while still using those products and I wanted to share what I do for my skin! I love keeping things simple and I have worked hard to find good products that help me keep my routine small. I did not want to have 20 products because THAT IS WAY TOO MUCH FOR MY LAZY BUTT! I wanted no more than five or six go-to products that help my skin get healthy and stay healthy. SO HERE WE ARE, welcome to my morning and nighttime routine.

I am a super lazy person so doing a lot to my face in the morning is hard. I used to live off of makeup wipes until I did some research and realized there are really bad for the skin and the environment. There were so many mornings where I wanted to just melt into my bed and never leave, but I didn’t do it for the vine… I did it for my young and delicate baby face (and yes, I hate myself for saying “do it for the vine”… moving on). I have noticed SO MANY CHANGES because I have dedicated time for my face, I actually hate wearing makeup now because I am so focused on skin care. Makeup for me is always so cakey and I hate the feeling of even just concealer and powder. Luckily, these products have helped my skin condition in so many positive ways, so I thought I would share what I do daily.

Morning Routine!

I start by dabbing my face with a warm towel to open up my pores. Then, depending on how oily my face feels in the morning and how hot the weather is, I will either use Simply Smith Soap Co. You Glow Girl or Wildcraft Oil Cleanser to wash my face. I pat my face dry with a cloth and then using my hands, I apply a little bit of Witch Hazel as Toner. I will usually let my face just sit and dry for a couple mins before moisturizing with the smallest amount of the Cocoon Apothecary Orange Blossom Facial Cream. Finally, the last step is to roll a little bit of the Wildcraft Renew Eye Serum for my under eyes and use my fingers to pat that in to my awful bags and eyelids.

This is all I do in the morning, I don’t change anything other than the face wash. The oil cleanser is very moisturizing but on hot days where I wake up feeling greasy, I love to use the Simply Smith Soap to clean my face!

Night Routine!

My nighttime or after work routine is still short and sweet with pretty much the same products shown above. I am trying super hard to stoping using makeup wipes, they are super wasteful and just move around your makeup instead of actually cleaning your skin. If you ask any dermatologist, they will agree that makeup wipes are not that great for your skin. There are some days where I will use a makeup wipe for mascara only and then wash my face right after to keep my skin from getting oily or breaking out. But, I am trying super hard to start my night time routine by using Simply Smith Soap to wash makeup off then only using one wipe for my mascara if I have some on that day (I usually don’t wear any in the summer because I hate it). I will then moisturize and add some serum with two new products that I am testing from Graydon! I use the Graydon Green Cream that is infused with two plant-based retinols and has a super light texture that mimics skins natural sebum production. This cream is super great for dehydrated and oily skin because it won’t clog your pours or feel too heavy. Then I add a little bit of the Graydon Full Moon Serum after the cream has fully dried to get a kick start on preserving my “youth.” These products are amazing for my oily skin, I haven’t reacted at all from them and they never leave my skin feeling greasy! A+ for first impressions of the ingredients and how the products wear throughout the day. The LAST step for my nighttime routine is to give some love to my under eyes with my holy grail product, the Renew Eye Serum by Wildcraft.

TIP ONE: Always use serums and eye creams at night because that is when it will help your skin more, don’t stress about applying everything in the morning. When you sleep is where your skin will REALLY soak up the benefits of your products.
TIP TWO: In the summer, keep your products light and to the minimum! Sometimes, you do not even need moisturizer if it is hot and humid out. Save the heavy duty moisturizing for the cold and dry months when your skin needs it most.

This is what I do morning and night, EVERY DAY! I like to keep things very simple and I never want to load my face with too much stuff. You can ensure your skin is moisturized without using a giant load of products that could potentially clog your pores and cause more problems. I highly recommend spending more money on your skin care, the stuff I use is pretty average for price but quality is super important for me. Some people love drugstore products and I still have my favs from Walmart. For me, using only natural products has my skin loving me instead of fighting me. Everyone’s skin is different, so research and find what works for you!

Thank you for reading!