5 habits that changed my life

Welcome back to Merci! Today, I am sharing with you five easy habits that helped change my life. It may not always be easy to create and stick to a habit since it usually takes 30-66 days for a habit to actually form. But I love trying new things or doing things that could help my future. I have written a lot about goals and constantly growing to better yourself. These are small things that I had goals to change or work on and they just slowly became daily habits:

  1. Drinking more water
    I never used to drink water, especially as a child because like all 9-year-olds I thought water was gross. Slowly, as a broke college student, I started to bring a water bottle where ever I went instead of buying a drink. Today, I have a goal of drinking 48 ounces (6 cups) of water every day. It may not be the “perfect” amount but it is a big improvement compared to the amount of water I used to drink. This habit has really helped my skin and my digestive system (my gut health needs the help!). I feel healthier when before I only drank water because my body was yelling at me too, I used to be extremely dehydrated. Another reason this is an important habit for me is because of how active I am now, it helps my body recover after an intense and grow stronger.
  2. Working out weekly
    In my recent post I talked about “my week in workouts” and shared how hard it was to motivate myself. Trying to workout 3-4 times a week was very VERY hard in the beginning but now I have a routine that really works for me and my schedule. Working out makes me feel super happy and gives me a boost of those good hormones and endorphins which I need here and there, that’s why this was an important habit to focus on.
  3. Waking up early everyday
    This is a super tough habit for me because I still suck at it. I have to wake up early for work everyday but I always set an alarm on the weekend for 8 a.m so that I have the whole morning to do whatever I want. I am the most productive in the morning so waking up at an earlier time on my off days allows me to still get all of my personal things done. I highly recommend reading When by Daniel H. Pink to learn about perfect timing for your body and how you can be the most productive!
  4. Making goals and lists
    I love to make goals, schedules and lists. I think this habit really started when I entered College, it helped me visual my projects and weekly priorities. Now, I make lists for everything and constantly set new goals throughout the whole year. I made a whole post about the Importance of setting goals so make sure you check that out to learn how to set and measure your goals!
  5. Reminding myself to be happy
    I am a very emotionally driven (usually negative emotion) and moody person, it’s a bit of a curse. I miss out on some really fun experiences because of my moodiness. This is why I started to have mental check-ins to remind myself to choose happiness. Every morning when I wake up and I’m super tired or unmotivated, I always tell myself “We’re going to be happy today, today will be a good day.” This sets the mood for my day, I will tell myself this a couple times a day to ensure I am choosing to be positive and not letting my emotions control me. Even on bad days, I try hard to just take a deep breath and smile. This is a habit I understand will not always be perfect or work like I planned, I have learned to embrace that more.

These are things I noticed help me be a healthier and happier human being! These habits are super simply things that anyone can do to positively change their life. This isn’t about changing your diet over night and exiling all carbs from your diet (which would be impossible for me…), these are so easy to try. Especially the last habit, everyone needs to attempt to be happy and set a positive note for everyday. Being happy uses less energy and is so good for your entire body, plus why not put some positive energy out into the world! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.