Things I do to be super productive + how to beat writer’s block

Hello there! It has been a while since I have sat down to write a blog or even just write at all, I have been in a little dry slump for the past two weeks. I always get so annoyed when I think about how easy it was for me to write as a child, I could sit down and write an entire story without any planning. I envy that amount of creativity because trying to get back into writing outside of Merci is TOUGH! I work hard to get the creativity flowing and have finally got out of my slump.

I know how annoying writers block can be so I thought I would share what I did to get out of my slump and be more productive. I would highly recommend reading When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink, a lot of my ideas came from that book. It will help you find the best time to work, how to take better breaks and work better with a group. I feel that I got the most inspiration from the first 5 or so chapters because Pink told me what I need to do to work smarter.

Below are the things I do to be super productive and beat writers block:

  1. Find the best time for your brain to work
    So I got this idea from When after I read about how our body/energy changes during the peak, trough and recovery. I never had a set time where I could prioritized writing or work, during school I did homework whenever I could. Our bodies have internal clocks that influence our energy and how we focus. For many, working in the morning is the best way to get work done since around 5 to 7 hours after waking up is when our energy drops and we fall into the trough. If you are more of a night person (you like to sleep in and feel most alert at night), your best work may be done late at night. If you are a morning person then do work in the morning before lunch time when the energy drop is about to happen. I have a lot more creativity and motivation to get work done after breakfast and then again around dinner time when I hit the recovery stage.
  2. Take more breaks
    Taking more breaks has shown to be better for productivity than pushing through long hours. The brain need breaks from screens and thinking more often than the usual “1 hour lunch break.” Going for a walk or reading are both great ways to take a break, try to get away for your phone. Along with taking as many small breaks as you feel needed, it is also okay to walk away from your notebook or laptop for a couple days. I took a week off to travel and workout, now I have so much motivation to write. Sometimes the brain just needs a good break to reset.
  3. Get your body moving
    Most of my blog ideas come to me from life experience and when I am being active. Walking on a track with good music can do wonders for creativity. If you want to fuel your brain, you need to fuel your entire body. So eat good, go for a run or walk and just let your brain wonder.
  4. Make a long music playlist
    I am very easily distracted by small things, like changing a song while working. So much time is wasted by getting distracted by my phone, so I put together a new playlist whenever I need to really focus and let it play. I find having a playlist that has acoustic or instrumental music is good for when focusing, even yoga playlists are good. Once you have made your playlist or found a playlist, hide your phone and get work done.
  5. Write about anything and everything
    I used to hate this advice…when people would tell you to just keep writing and it will eventually work out. But I have been forcing myself to just write about anything that comes to my mind. Music really helps with this because I am a huge daydreamer, I use those ideas and just write about whatever I can. Even if your ideas are not the direction you want or they are the silliest ideas, just write. Don’t over stress about writing, just have fun with it and let your mind be as crazy as you can.
  6. Read and watch
    When you feel that the creativity and inspiration are lacking, read a book or watch a movie. You never know where ideas will come from! I am not saying to steal ideas but reading motivational non-fiction novels can help you find new things to try or explore. When helped me with work habits and now I am sharing my personal tips with all of you.

These are all of the things I do or try when I am being super lazy. They are all super easy and I hope these ideas will help you as well. But just remember, the more you stress the harder it is for your brain to work well. Good luck!