What I do to keep my hair healthy

This was my first week of school and I am so happy to be back in my normal routine. Back to school time means that salons are always super busy helping students get that “new year, new me” look. I was very confused on what to do with my hair, a huge part of me wanted to cut it off to a bob but the other half of me wanted it to grow (typical girl problems). But I decided to let it grow, I cut it last September and it has taken a long time for my hair to get to where it is today. In 2015, I bleached and dyed all of my hair bright blue. My mom is a hair stylist so it was still done professionally but my regret has followed me till now. It took a VERY long time for my hair to feel healthy and return to the condition it was in before I literally fried it to a burnt crisp. This really effected my hair growth, my hair didn’t grow until it was healthy which took a lot of work. From that experience, I have some tips and advice that I think everyone should use when taking care of their hair. Even if you already have great hair, keeping it healthy is important, just like skin care and healthy eating.

I think the biggest thing to remember is that healing hair takes time, so if you’re reading this and want instant answers on how to fix your hair… you won’t find it (maybe shave your head?). Sadly, it took me close to a year to see my hair healthy again. These tips below will help the process be easier and they will really help your scalp. If you have healthy hair but you just want to learn how to ensure it is always healthy, these will help as well. Certain hair types will need different things so be aware with what your hair needs. Curly or thick hair needs more moisture and way less heat while thin hair needs less moisture and less pressure on hair (stay tuned for my pony tail point).

What you need to do to get or keep healthy hair:

AVOID HEAT: This may be super hard for people who want straight hair or like to use the blowdryer a little too much. But limit the use of heat to as little as possible, the most expensive shampoos and oils can not save your hair from extreme heat. Straightening, curling and blow drying only make hair drier. I even find it hard because I am trying to style my hair more, but I try to find heat free styles.

HAIR MASKS: If you want healthy hair, then you need to live and breath good hair masks. You should always spend a little more on hair care and talk to your/a hair dresser for advice. For professional masks, I love the Original Orofludio mask. I have thin and flat hair and this is the mask I have always used. For drugstore brands, I would go for Joico (like the K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor or Moisture Recovery Treatment) because this is a good brand that also makes professional products. You can even use natural masks like coconut oil, but I love the professional ones because they are more powerful and less oily. However, now that I am more conscious on the ingredients in my products, I am looking for a good natural mask. I will keep you posted! Once you have a good mask, use it 2 to 3 times a week but do not use it everyday. You can still use conditioner on the days you do not use a mask, but only use a little so you don’t over moisturize your hair.

USE HAIR OILS: To go with the hair masks you’re doing 2-3 times a week, you want to get a good hair oil. I like the Orofluido Original Beauty Elixir or L’ ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment, I recommend these to everyone. At Sephora, you can get Morrocan Oil which is nice but I think it is too smelly which bugs my allergies. Oils are super good for dry hair, I use a little bit of oil everyday after my hair has dried on my ends. This will help your hair from getting frizzy and dry, but keep it away from your roots and keep it to a small amount so your hair isn’t too oily!

CUT YOUR HAIR OFTEN: The reason stylists may suggest getting trims every 6-8 weeks is because it helps keep your ends healthy. You can cut off the damaged hair and help it keep in more moisture from the masks and oils. I try to trim my hair every 2-3 months but I kinda suck at remembering to cut it, even though my mom is a hair dresser. For me, success looks like trims every 4-6 months (whoops).

GET A GOOD HAIR BRUSH: Cheap brushes can create more damage because it will split and rip the hair, you always want to look for brushes that have softer and long bristles. I love Wet Brushes because they are good for wet or dry hair. They don’t damage or rip at the hair, brush your hair likes it spun gold.

BEWARE OF THE PONY: In highschool/the past, I would put my hair up in super high pony tails and then basically rip out the strands around my face to make a cute messy up-do which has haunted me for years. I have so much breakage around my face so I have tried to keep my hair in low ponies. This will help the hair from breaking and it won’t put as much pressure on the scalp, high ponies really pull on the hair which creates even more damage. If you have thin hair, you need to be extra aware of this!

COLD RINSES: I would recommend giving your hair a cold water rinse at the end of every shower that you’re washing your hair (which should not be everyday). Hot water strips the hair of moisture so either take warm to cool showers or have a hot shower but wash your hair in cool water at the end. Cold water will help it lock in moisture and will not strip any natural oils that the hair needs to be strong.

EAT WELL (MORE WATER AND PROTEIN): This is not something I focus on in a strict way but I am active so I measure the amount of daily protein I consume. Protein and Biotin rich foods are really good for hair health, your body will use that to keep your hair strong. You should also look for food that has Omega-3 fatty acids. Eat foods like fatty fish, avocados, eggs, nuts and berries! I am not strict with what I eat, so I wouldn’t recommend starting a diet that targets your hair health, just think more about the nutrients your body can use for your hair. Also drink a lot of water, a nourished body means nourished and healthy hair.

This is everything I do to keep my hair healthy. I don’t take vitamins or do any kind of “special” treatments that are shown on social media. People need to remember that hair is mostly hereditary, you have been given a certain type of hair and that’s what you’re stuck with. You can do treatments, style it or take supplements that might help short term but the best thing is to just take care of what you have and learn to love it. I have flat hair and I have tried so many volumizing masks and shampoos but they really don’t do much because I was born with thin hair. Please try these tips and let me know what works for you! I would love to hear from you.