Fall Skin Care: New Products + Routines

Even though the current weather is not as ready for fall as I am, I have already started to get my fall/winter skin care routine ready as the weather slowly gets it’s crap together. I barely used any products in the summer because of how humid and wet the air was, my skin didn’t need a lot. Now, I want to make sure that my skin doesn’t get dry and chapped from cold air that is coming in. My biggest battle is how oily my skin gets throughout the day so I have a very hard time finding products that control oil production in a healthy way. A lot of the products I tried in the past made my skin extra oily from stripping the good and bad oils my face needed which is the opposite of what I wanted. I just want a hydrated, clean and balanced face. In fall it is really important to add a little more to your routine, so use oils/serums or heavier creams to really protect your skin. In my last post, Fall Essentials: Fashion, Skin Care and More, I talked about what I like to do to ensure my skin is getting the hydration and protection it needs. (Plus some fun fashion and lifestyle tips from Moi.)

I just started using Indie Lee products and at first I didn’t know if the Clarity Kit was right for me, but after my skin adjusted to the new products I saw results I wanted. I only use a little bit of the moisturizer since its thicker than I need daily but I use the toner, face wash and eye serum EVERY DAY! All of these products have Glycerin or some type of humectant (hydrators) in them which really helped to hydrate and protect my skin from getting dry and over producing oil. It is super important to have hydrators in your skin care and as some of the first ingredients listed. If your products are missing humectants then they could be drying out your skin. Before checking my products for good ingredients, my face was dry and begging for hydration. Indie Lee products are really good for only using safe and healthy ingredients that help the skin. I am really loving the Clarity Kit, if I didn’t I would be 100% honest but for oily to combination skin, this has been really amazing so far. I have included below my new night-time and morning routine with these products. I am super happy with how my skin is reacting to the new routines.

My fall products:

  • Wildcraft Oil Cleanser
  • Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash
  • Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner
  • Graydon Green Cream Moisturizer
  • Indie Lee Active Oil-Free Moisturizer (Only on cheeks and neck)
  • Indie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum
  • Wildcraft Renew Eye Serum (at night)

This is everything I use right now (as you can tell from my very used products in the photo above)! My morning routine and night-time routine are a little different, I don’t use all of these products twice a day. I will explain my night-time routine first because that is what has really helped my skin. At night, I want to be clean but super moisturized after a long day of wearing drying makeup and being exposed to environmental stressors.

Night-time routine:

  • Wildcraft Oil Cleanser
  • Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash
  • Graydon Green Cream Moisturizer
  • Indie Lee Active Oil-Free Moisturizer
  • Wildcraft Renew Eye Serum

I use the oil cleanser to take off my makeup since I have 100% written off makeup wipes because they are super drying and gross! This cleanser is amazing for gently breaking down all of my makeup but I always found it left a little too much residue on my face so I double cleanse with the Purifying Face Wash. This is the best duo EVER, my face feels so clean after but never dry or tight because of the oil cleanser. After cleansing, I moisturize with the Green Cream which is very thin and light because it is specifically for oily skin. On my T-zone, which gets very oily, this cream is perfect but on my cheeks, neck and jaw I want a little more hydration. So I use the smallest amount of the Indie Lee Moisturizer on those parts of my face to ensure they don’t get dry or irritated from the cold. My last step is the Wildcraft Renew Eye Serum which has been a go-to for me for months to help with fine lines and puffy under eyes.

This routine has changed my skin so much and I was really shocked since some of these products I have had for months! I think I have finally found the right combination or ingredients and products. Before, I was always a little disappointed because of how dirty and greasy my skin was when I woke up and throughout the day. No matter how much I washed my face or moisturized, it was still not the results I wanted. But now, I actually wake up feeling hydrated and my skin is more clear (even hormonal breakouts are minimal).

Morning Routine:

  • Indie Lee CoQ-10 toner
  • Graydon Green Cream
  • Indie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum
  • Soon to be face serum

My morning routine is very simple since my face still feels clean and prepped from my nighttime routine. If I ever need to wash my face in the morning, I will just use a little bit of the Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash but I usually never need to. I apply the CoQ-10 toner with a cotton pad and gently blot that all over my face and neck, then head straight in with the Green Cream Moisturizer. My last step is the I-Waken Serum. This eye serum goes a long way because it is very thin and gel-like, I only use a little but it helps to soothe and depuff my eyes in the morning. I am still looking for a face serum, I need a little vitamin C or something to brighten my face for winter. After I have a serum or oil, I think I will be set and ready for whatever life throws at my face.

I want to make sure my products are really working hard so that my skin doesn’t have to, I don’t want clogs pores and oily skin. Thankfully, my new Indie Lee products and fall routines have really impressed me so far! I have been doing a lot of research on ingredients that are in popular products and what my skin needs from the products I am using. I think understanding what the ingredients on labels actually are is really helping my routine get better and better.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chatty and lengthy post! If you have any questions about my products/routine or recommendations, let me know on Instagram!