Learning to Challenge Myself

I recently attended a pretty stressful but fun event that allowed me to create content for a special Non-Profit (if you follow me on Instagram, you already know this). At first, I was so nervous for this event because of how scary the social demand and workload was. I had to meet new people, work with individuals to create an entire campaign in one day and then present to a large crowd of pretty important people (including the clients). I have always doubted myself and belittled what I can do, but recently I have been trying to challenge myself. This blog is all about my journey of growth and I think this is a huge stepping stone for me!

For as long as I remember, I was the super quiet kid in class that majority of teachers never remembered. I thought that was okay because I was flying under the radar and not drawing attention to myself. I wasn’t a bad kid, I was just super shy and did not have any social skills. Not being remembered or a teacher’s favourite didn’t bother me until now. I want to be remembered and stand out in the eyes of my peers as a talented and smart individual. So I started challenging myself to stand out more. I want to be more outspoken and connect with my teachers, these are individuals that are amazing to stay in touch with after I graduate. This brings me back to the event I was talking about before.

I was insanely nervous for this event because I knew I would have to be social and not awkward… that’s hard for me. But school has helped me mature and grow a lot so I embraced the challenge and socialized my little heart out. I was able to create amazing content in under 24 hours and then present all of it to my client as well as 100 other professionals. I never thought I could handle that, let alone handle it as a spunky little “PR pro.” I love challenging myself and being able to see myself succeed at things I struggled with in the past! My biggest piece of advice is to fight with yourself. What I mean by this is stand up to the internal battle you are having with your mind in tough situations. We tend to really talk down to ourselves and let the nerves build up in new environments. Networking and putting yourself out there is super important for your career, you just have to do it. So don’t let those negative thoughts even complete themselves, fight them and say no. It sounds crazy but at this event I refused to overthink and get nervous. I pretended to be the most confident person ever and I used all of my skills to perform in-front of everyone at this event. Another thing I like to do is mentally prepare myself for what I am walking into, I create a game plan and tell myself what might happen. It is like preparing a little kid for the first day of school or their first sport game. This really helps me not freeze or freak out when I am in nerve racking situations.

I am learning to challenge myself, to stand out and be myself no matter what anyone else thinks. I want to have good recommendations and connections with my teachers. I want to be good at what I am doing, I can be good by gaining experience and meeting new people. If you want to grow you need challenge yourself, this doesn’t have to be a social challenge. Work towards the you that you always wanted to be.