New health and skin care products I am trying

Hello readers, welcome back or welcome to Merci! I have been MIA on here for a bit. But, I am back after multiple unhealthy late night shopping sprees. I have new goodies I am trying and testing out, not just skin care this time. I am trying new health-focused products that will hopefully help my workouts be better and help my body not feel like an 80-year-old lady. I am still testing these products so I don’t have a lot of opinions to share right now, I only have my first impressions. But I think these are all products that everyone should consider trying!

Skin Care


I have been wanting to add a sunscreen to my skin care routine for a long time but haven’t found one that I really wanted to try. Sadly, I already have bad sun spots and damage that I never noticed until I started focusing more on skin. I didn’t know where to start for sunscreen so I just picked up a small Salt & Stone sunscreen stick. I have used it four or five times so far but I am not sure how I feel about it. I have oily skin and it does feel a little greasy on the skin (like most sunscreens). However, it is not drying and it sits nicely under makeup. I think this product is great for cooler weather because it is pretty moisturizing from the Shea Butter and Vitamin E oils that are in it. I am pretty 50/50 on this product right now, but my skin is reacting well to it.


I used to exfoliate whenever I remembered to but never saw it as a necessity for my skin. I also was super rough on my skin so it didn’t help my face at all. The ones I tried in the past were very drying until I bought the BKIND Turmeric Face Scrub. I was really skeptical because physical exfoliators can be very damaging to the skin, which I learned after being super rough on my skin for years. However, The BKIND exfoliator is super moisturizing which is why I am in love with it! I use my pinkies to ensure I am being extra gentle and only exfoliate 3-4 times a week. It leaves almost like an oil or cream on my face after rinsing the little beads off which I love because it makes my face feel so moisturized and soft. They have three different kinds of scrubs that are made for specific skin types. I haven’t tried the one for oily skin but the turmeric scrub for dull skin is awesome. I feel like it could be used on all skin types.


Protein Powder

Because I am decently active, Protein Powder has always been on my list to try. But, like a lot of people I talk to, I was super confused on which brand and powder to buy. There are so many brands, formulas, types and flavours to try! I decided to just try the one my boyfriend recommended since he really likes it. I am trying the Diesel New Zealand Whey Isolate. I got it from a natural food store which I believe is the best place to get protein powder because you will find cleaner options. There are a lot of powders that have nasty ingredients which are not needed. So, try to look at places that only sell cleaner products. I have only tried Diesel once as of right now, but I am pretty impressed. It tastes really good compared to other products I have tried in the past and it mixes really well. It wasn’t chalky at all which is good.


This is very new to me. I have seen Collagen pop up into the beauty industry and it seems like everyone is trying it. I am trying it in Liquid form, so I take two tablespoons of liquid Collagen every day. I am really hoping it helps my body not feel as achey since it really supports the bones and connective tissues. I haven’t been taking it for long and I am really trying hard to actually take Collagen everyday (I suck at taking vitamins). I will update everyone when I have tried it for a bit longer. But I have high hopes since many doctors suggest taking Vitamin C, Omega-3 and Collagen daily.

I hope you liked this chatty blog, I know I love reading about random products people are trying. Please let me know if you like posts like this or what you would want to see in the future! I love suggestions. I will post updates about these products and let you know if they are actually worth trying. Thanks for reading!