What I do to stay motivated and healthy during winter

School is always super intense in November which means every student is cold, sick and stressed right now. It is really easy to get into bad “funks” during the school year. I have been in a funk for a couple weeks and I hate it. My motivation to workout is awful, school is stressful and I just want to stay home in the warmth of my basement all day (says every tired student right now). But I have made a promise to myself to fight my way out of this funk and be present for myself. I want to get my motivation back up so I can keep my grades up, write more and be active.

I am trying whatever I can to get out of my funk and stick to my routine for the rest of the school year. I am the type of person who hates feeling lazy and not sticking to a schedule that I create. Below are the things I am doing to work with myself and not get stuck in a negative spiral as the cold weather and stress hits hard.


This is something that I don’t do a lot, which I need to work on, because it is a great stress reliever. I try to clean one thing if I am feeling down or like I need to motivate myself. I think this really works because it gets me moving and motivated, there are no excuses to slack if I am already up and doing something. You could clean anything! You could clean your room, your car or even your face. If I feel lazy or down, I will make my bed and then do a long skin-care routine. This really helps me get ready to complete my “to-do” list that I made for the week.

Talk to someone

This is new to me but I have always been an advocate for seeing a therapist or trying to reach out for help. Talking to someone helps you set free all of the negative feelings you may be having. So if you’re in a funk and you think it may be getting bad, just talk to anyone you can and don’t feel bad about asking for help.

Have time to relax

This can be dangerous but it is very important to me as a busy student that also has a part-time job to be able to relax. It is okay to take time to just do nothing but don’t use this as an excuse because you had one productive day. Make a good routine to be active and get work done, but also have some time to do something fun or relaxing! I like to read, write, brainstorm for Merci or just watch a movie I haven’t seen in awhile.

Be Active

I talk about working out a lot but I really love to be active because it makes me feel better in every way. Being active is super important to maintain good physical and mental health during the winter. I find that I really beat myself up more if I don’t workout when originally planned during my funks. So I try super hard to stick to my schedule and workout a couple times a week. I love to make my own workouts that I always share on mercibysam on Instagram!

Staying Organized

This is another thing I talk about a lot. Being organized with school, work or whatever is very important. I check my planner everyday so I know exactly what I have to do. Stress is a very large factor that influences my funks so I want to eliminate as much stress as I can. Buy a planner or calendar to organize your life.

Thank you for reading! I hope you can use some of these tips to help you stay healthy, strong and happy during a very stressful time. Being a student is hard but it pays off at the end, so take care of yourself and try your best.