Why I Chose to Study Public Relations

Picking what program to take after High School was one of the toughest decisions I had to make. I still think it’s crazy that schools expect teenagers to plan the rest of their lives at the age of eighteen or younger. In grade 12, I did A LOT of research on local schools and programs I would like. I looked at Interior Design, Environment & Business, Psychology, Kinesiology and even History Degrees. I feel like I researched every possible degree I could get into because I am pretty picky. Finding what career or degree is right for you takes a lot of work, unless you have your whole life planned for you already.

I had no direction or ideas for what I thought I wanted. I didn’t know what I enjoyed or what I was good at, so I felt super lost. I decided to make as many lists as I could to help organize my ideas. I wrote down everything I liked in school, what I liked to do outside of school and the types of careers I could see myself enjoying. This helped me a lot because I could physically see my ideas in front of me.

The list of things I like included:

  • Being active
  • Writing (about lifestyle, mental/physical health and controversial/social topics)
  • Design (includes interior design and designing websites, documents and presentations)
  • Helping others
  • History
  • Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Working alone and in groups
  • Leading teams
  • Research

I feel like I had a lot more on my list but those were things from school and my life I knew I enjoyed. It was a mess of a list but it did help me find Public Relations.

I wanted a program that was not math heavy (I hate math), allowed me to write a lot and gave me career options. I am the type of person that loves change and likes to try as much as they can. I needed a career that was different everyday. HELLO PR! Public Relations is Marketing, Copywriting, Journalism, Design, Project Management and Psych/Sociology all in one (or at least I believe it is, don’t quote me on this). It checks off a lot of things on my list above. It’s hard work and crazy schedules (like many jobs) but I live off of high-energy environments.

I love that my day-to-day in PR will always different. I am always able to write and work with a team to create amazing content. But my daily duties can easily change which helps me learn and grow as a professional. I feel like I could never really get bored in PR because there are always new things around the corner. There are also a lot of different jobs I can try with a degree in Public Relations, so I know I will always have options if I want change.

I am almost done my degree, so I am really learning what I like about PR and things I may not be in love with. No matter what, there are pros and cons of everything. I am trying to leverage my strengths and work on my weaknesses as I become a professional. Thankfully, I am still happy that I chose to study PR after high school.

Planning your future can be hard. I always recommend making as many lists as you can and starting research as early as possible. A lot of people change their mind so pick the program that calls to your heart the most. Life is about trying, failing, learning and growing!