7 Podcasts you should start listening to

I am obsessed with podcasts. I would rather listen to podcasts when doing work because I can learn and focus better. Music is always such a distraction, but podcasts give me inspiration and help me stay motivated. I even have a little dream of starting my own podcast on day! I usually listen to podcasts that focus on health/fitness, lifestyle and Business/PR; very similar to what I focus on in Merci.

In 2020, you should make podcasts your new thing if you haven’t given them a shot yet. Below are seven podcasts I love to listen to and I think you should try!

NPR How I Built This
This is such an inspiring podcast! Guy Raz interviews some of the most successful business owners and it is super cool to hear their journeys. My favourite stories that I listened to were Kate Spade, Bumble, Soul Cycle, Lululemon and Dave’s Killer bread. For business students or anyone who is thinking about starting a business, this is the podcast for you. There are so many interviews that offer advice and experience in a lot of sectors in business.

The Health Code
I love this podcast a lot and listen to it as soon as a new episode gets published. Sarah’s Day and Kirt Tisle are the hosts, I watch them on YouTube as well so I already love them. I really think they have a lot of fun but beneficial advice for life and health. This is a super relatable podcast. This is where I get my workout motivation and blogger confidence from. It is very focused on helping listeners be healthy and happy. I usually have to listen to this podcast at home because they are SO FUNNY and I will look like a freak in public if I don’t.

Pitching PR
This podcast is literally like having a personal teacher on your phone at all times. For Public Relations Professionals or students, this podcast is almost like a guide to being a boss in the world of PR today. I will pick and choose what episodes I listen to depending on what I want to learn. I really love this because it’s not a super serious podcast, I feel like I’m taking part in a conversation.

Marketing Over Coffee
This is a newer one I have started listening to. But similar to How I Built This, it offers great tips for individuals in Marketing or PR. Similar to Pitching PR, I will go through the episodes and listen to what I am intrigued by or want to focus on.

The Business of Fashion Podcast
I have always loved fashion even though I like to keep my closet very basic and comfy. Being a PR professional in the lifestyle, beauty and fashion industry is a DREAM for me. I love this podcast because it offers a bit of an insider to the world of working in fashion. It also provides lessons on how to write for fashion and how successful designers/photographers/businesses came to be. My favourite episode ever is where Imran Amed discussed the importance of girls learning how to code with model Karli Kloss.

Straight up with Stassi
This is totally for entertainment purposes only. I love reality TV and specifically, Vanderpump Rules. Stassi Schroeder is one of the main individuals on this reality show. She is very outspoken and funny so I love listening to her crazy stories. Stassi and her fiancé Beau are hilarious together.

Rise Podcast
Rise is hosted by Rachel Hollis who I love listening to. She is a super motivating author who wrote Girl, Stop Apologizing. I loved this book because it was so inspiring and helpful when I first started my blog. Rachel really understands every excuse or emotion that women use to not reach their full potential in business. This podcast talks about success, starting a business, blogging and finding your way in life.

These are my favourite podcasts I listen to on a daily basis at work or in-between classes. Try them out and let me know what podcast is your favourite!