Why I never make New Year’s Resolutions

I have been thinking more about my goals for 2020 recently. I am not the type to make New Year’s resolutions because they usually fail. I like to set goals throughout the year I can work on, but I don’t label them as resolutions. Even just calling them “New Year’s resolutions” puts so much pressure on you to achieve your goals without failure or speed bumps along the way. A new year is an opportunity to make positive changes and growth without putting toxic pressure on yourself. I don’t want to feel guilty because I wasn’t able to instantly reach my resolution. This is why I make goals instead of New Year’s Resolutions because I am working with myself to achieve what I want, not against myself with pressure.

I always look back to one of my very first posts on Merci, The importance of setting goals and being present for yourself, and it is actually my favourite post I ever wrote. I put so much effort and passion into that post and I still read it today. I love having goals and thinking about my future so it will always be something I am passionate about. Check out that post and let me know what your goals are, I love to read about what other people are working towards. I think it is important to talk about what you want in the future and the goals you have. I tend to think of my goals as selfish little secrets I need to keep to myself. But goals are not selfish ideas that need to be hidden, goals can grow from sharing them.

My first goal is to work more on Merci. I want Merci to be successful and I want to prioritize it in 2020. With school and work, it is hard to make time for things that are not homework. But, I want to try new things, post more and start new discussions. I have a lot of really cool ideas that I am hoping to bring to the surface in 2020!

Another goal I have is writing a book, it can be the worst book ever but I want to write. In the post I mentioned above, one of my long-term goals was to publish a book. I really want to make this happen; I want to start now as I am going through some of the biggest changes and challenges in a young adult’s life. School, big girl jobs, relationships, moving out and learning about life are all amazing experiences that can help me write.

I want to keep focusing on school and my life as usual. I alway stride to get good grades while finding time to take care of my body but I want to keep working on that. I know with my two goals above, I will need to have good time management but these are all important things to me. I think if an idea or goal is important enough, anyone can make time to work towards it. It will take a lot of effort and serious organization, but it can be done without rushing the process or pressure!

Writing more on Merci and starting a book are both serious goals I have for 2020! I don’t have a deadline or end result that I can look to, I just want to feel happy and satisfied with what I am creating. I challenge you to NOT make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, but set some goals you would like to fulfill. If you can’t complete them, do not feel bad. Every January my gym is super busy for a month, then the motivation burns off and it’s back to being empty. A goal is something you have forever to work on and can change along your journey.

What are your goals for 2020?