Updated 2020 Morning & Night Skin Care Routine

I was looking at my old skin care posts and realized how outdated they are. I also realized how far I have come with my skin care. My old routine was a random group of products that I didn’t know much about. But I started doing my research and looking into ingredients or products more to increase my skin care knowledge. Once I did my research, I was able to find products that I could trust, understand and recommend to others. Informing myself has allowed me to start helping others, which I love doing. I am able to answer questions and recommend products for a variety of skin types. I feel like the first step before jumping into skin care is to research skin types, ingredients, watch videos and educate yourself on what is good for your skin.

I think taking care of your skin is soooo important. It’s not just about buying a random cleanser and moisturizer and thinking it will be perfect. You need to take care of your skin, hydrate it and be gentle with it. There are products that could help your skin be healthy, but there are also products that could cause irritation or make your skin worse over time. You may feel like your products are working but they could be creating allergic reactions that you don’t notice right away or creating skin problems. You need to figure out what skin type you have and research products, and not just drug store products but clean beauty or higher end products. Expand your horizons, skin care is all trial and error. I also believe you should spend more money on skin care because it’s more self-love and self-care; treating yourself to a product that will help your skin is never bad.

Some of these products you may have seen before if you follow my Instagram, when I find good skin care products I never change. I try to be adventurous with skincare, but most of the time I keep the same roaster.

*Please note: My skin type is oily to normal. I have hormonal breakouts and tend to have dull, uneven skin. These products may not work for your skin type! Like I have said before, educate yourself and investigate what you are putting on your skin.

My Night Routine

I want to start with my night routine because it has the most steps and is the most important to me. My morning routine is very simple if I do my nighttime steps properly and actually clean my skin. I only wash my face at night and I have noticed it has helped a lot with oil production. I always felt greasy and dirty when I washed my face in the morning (probably because my moisturizer sucked and my skin was DRY). Washing it at night instead makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated when I wake up. Even though I have oily skin, moisturizing my skin is super important so my face doesn’t need to produce a bunch of oil. I love using oils, serums and moisturizers all at night when my skin needs it the most.

My night routine goes like this:

This routine has been life changing, I tried so many products but I actually love EVERY product I am using now. I am on the hunt for a nighttime mask or moisturizer to use instead of the Graydon Green Cream (which is my day moisturizer). I think my three favourite products are the Pharmacy Green Clean Balm, Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash and Indie Lee Squalene Oil. I could survive with just those products if I had to. Sadly, I forgot to include the Pixi Overnight Glow Serum in the picture, but it has helped my skin look more even and brighter. It’s an exfoliating gel with 10% glycolic acid and arginine. I only use it three to four times a week at night because I don’t want to overdo the exfoliating. I think it has really helped with my sunspots and uneven skin tone.

The Farmacy Green Clean Balm is the best makeup remover. I stopped using makeup wipes in July 2019 and it has honestly changed my skin. I didn’t think about how bad makeup wipes were for you till I watched Susan Yara and the Mixed Makeup on YouTube. Think about all the nasty preservatives in makeup wipes… they sit in a wet package for MONTHS without getting moldy. That’s not hot. Also, the rubbing is SO SO SO bad for your skin, your pulling and rubbing and scratching way too much. You can’t even use the excuse of “it’s way faster” because trust me… it is way faster to just wash off your makeup with a good balm or oil cleanser. The pulling and rubbing causes wrinkles and irritation. You should never pull on your skin and be rough, makeup wipes are too rough. STOP USING MAKEUP WIPES! Please just buy an oil cleanser and gel cleanser, it will change your life.

My Morning Routine

After cleaning my face and hydrating the crap out of it the night before, my face feels like a baby’s butt in the morning. Just so soft and ready for the day, even when I am not! I don’t wash my face in the morning unless my hormones are going crazy and I am a total grease ball. But, that doesn’t really happen anymore because I put a lot of focus on my nighttime routine and prepping my skin for the next day.

My Morning Routine:

This is all I do and it may seem like kinda a lot but it takes two seconds. It’s all lotion so I just gently slap that on and let it absorb/set before doing my makeup. I usually wait like three to five minutes after I apply the sunscreen before doing anything else.

It took me awhile to love the toner. I never used toner in the past and it does take awhile for your skin to adjust to a new product like toner. However, I am obsessed with it now. The Indie Lee toner is so gentle but has balanced my skin and helped my oil production a lot. This toner with a good moisturizer is a game changer.

I would 100% recommend the Salt & Stone sunscreen. To prevent sun damage, aging and uneven skin, make sure to apply sunscreen EVERY DAY. Even on cloudy days there are UVA rays attacking your sensitive face, so protect it and you don’t look 90 when you 30! The Salt & Stone sunscreen is so hydrating but still gives me a matte look because it’s not oily, it’s a mineral lotion. It is a really good primer too. 10/10!

If you try any of these products, please let me know what you think! I have linked all of them above so check them out. I would also love to hear what products you use (please help me find a nighttime moisturizer/mask!). Thank you for reading!