New skin care products I am loving + reviews

I swear every time I write an updated skin care routine, I get a bunch of new products and change my routine. This happens every time because I can’t stop buying new skin care products, even when I don’t need them! But I think I just need to accept that cardigans, Starbucks and skin care will always have full control over my bank account. I also find it funny that I am talking about spending money on skin care when I just published a blog about how I save money as a student… one of my tips is to limit yourself and set a loose budget to follow. OBVIOUSLY I’M DOING GREAT AT THAT! But, with my bad jokes aside, I really do follow those tips and limit the spending while treating myself here and there. This was my treat and now I’m back to saving (I hope).

I am super happy with that I treated myself to! I posted the picture below (left) on Instagram a couple week ago of some new products. With that post, I did a mini first impression and product research review (go check that out!) and now that I have tested them, I can say I am still pretty impressed. I also picked up a couple new products from my favourite natural skin care store that I am obsessed with (right photo)!

I am going to start with the products I am loving!

I can never go wrong with skin care that has clean ingredients. I am finding out now that I react a lot more to new products that I didn’t look into before buying, so I have to be really careful with what I put on my skin.

The Sahajan Radiance Eye Cream is literally one of the best eye creams I have tried. I loved the Indie Lee I-Waken Eye serum, but I think I have found my ride or die. The Sahajan is so creamy and hydrating, it depuffs and moisturizes my tired eyes right away so I don’t look as tired as I always feel! It’s infused with Triphala, which is a herbal blend/remedy that’s filled with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory to help calm tired eyes. 10/10

I also have been obsessed with the Shomei Vitamin C Advanced Serum. This has helped my skin look brighter and more even! I have really bad sun spots and breakout scars, but this has actually helped heal and fade those. You can’t totally get rid of sun spots but I like that it brightening my skin and makes it look healthier. I use this serum twice a day daily, I love it and it fit perfectly with my current routine. I do wish it was more hydrating but I know that is not the main purpose of this serum, you definitely need a moisturizer to follow this serum. 9/10

The last favourite I have that I am still iffy about is the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream (the name is a mouth full). I wanted a night cream that would provide me with extra hydration during the winter. Cold weather and makeup really dry out my skin so I needed a tall drink of water for my face. I think this cream is that tall drink of water! It is very creamy, but does feel a little greasy even way after using it. I am not used to thick creams, so I am still getting comfortable with the texture but it really hydrates my skin overnight. It creates almost a protective layer that just sucks in all the moisture my face needs to repair any damage I create throughout the day. So it does exactly what the website says! I’m still getting used to the thickness and texture though.

These are my favourites from my little shopping spree as of right now. I like the Summer Friday Jet Lag mask but it does cause my skin to break out a little so I’m taking my time with this product. I want to see if I actually love it after my skin adjusts to the new products, I don’t want to shock my face with a bunch of new things. Have you tried any of these products? If you have, I would love to hear what you think! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to get updates on new products, outfits and all things Sam.