Just Believe in Yourself, Gosh Dang it!

I was looking at all of the supporting posts about International Women’s Day and thinking about how easy it is to believe in other people and show them love. We are so good at raising people up and making them feel powerful, but we lack this compassion for ourselves. We should be treating ourselves like we do others. But, I find it really hard to do, just like most women find it hard.

Why do we find it difficult to support ourselves and believe in what we can do?

It took me awhile to publish Merci. I stared at my screen daily, just wanting to press the publish button but continually pushing it to the next day. I always told myself, “I will do it tomorrow, but it’s not right today.” This excuse followed me for about a month. Merci just sat there, waiting for some sign or feeling. Then I realized that creating Merci and thinking about it everyday was my sign. I did the work because I wanted to, I believed that I could be a blogger enough to start. So I pressed the button, published Merci and in that moment I 100% believed in myself, it felt great and I wanted that feeling to continue. But, it went away once I started comparing myself to other bloggers. I believed in them more than myself because they had more followers, likes and better photos. Why couldn’t I believe in myself like I believed in those bloggers? Now I know that comparison is the thief of joy and I want to create something amazing. That takes time and effort, not comparison.

There are a couple things I am doing to believe in myself more that I think would be helpful to all women. To start, I have focused on changing my internal conversations. When I used to scroll through Instagram, I would think about how I am not good enough, pretty enough, creative enough and could never be like other successful bloggers. Now, I am telling myself that what they’re doing is great, they have cute outfits and nice hair but so do I in my own way. I tell myself, “that’s nice and I can wait till that’s me one day.” I turn envy into inspiration, changing the emotions I feel when I see another women who has what I want. If I believe in myself, I can do what they do!

Another thing I am doing is visualizing my future. I write it out, draw it out and talk about it. How can I have a goal when it’s just in my head? Putting what you want out into the world keeps it visible for you to constantly think about. I have been listening to Transformation Church Stronger sermons which focuses on having a vision. There was one part in the video where Pastor Todd mentions that your vision must be visible in order for it to become real. I am making my vision visible and focusing on what I want.

It’s time to start believing in yourself, gosh dang it! If we can show so much love and support for other women, we should first figure out how to show love for ourselves and what we can create.