How to keep your sanity while social distancing + working from home tips

For once, I can say that the entire world is kinda on the same page right now. We are all trying to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 by isolating ourselves as much as we can. But, I am not going to talk about it much because I feel that we need healthy breaks from the madness around us! I am just here to give you ideas of how you can stay happy, healthy and sane while at home all day. I, as an introvert, have been training for something like this my whole life, so being stuck in my basement a lot is not new for me! We all need to be a little extra creative right now and find things to do that keep us in a good routine.

Here are somethings I am doing to keep myself from going crazy while I stay home:

Start your day without social media or technology
I am trying CEO morning Routines right now which will be coming out in a blog soon(-ish) so I have been tackling my mornings very differently. I have been starting my day by making a bigger/healthier breakfast each morning and reading. I think it sucks waking up on a beautiful day and then instantly having COVID news and sad stories shoved in your face! You have all day to read up on how many cases just appeared in your city and what the government is telling you to do. Start your day with a good book, like a heart melting romance, nail-bitting mystery or self-growth book. Reading for even 20 minutes in the morning changed how I felt when I did start work and finally look at my phone.
Another thing you can do after reading and eating, is to make a to-do list AND a list of your goals (no matter how big or small). Reading and writing in the morning is a great way to feel refreshed, ready for the day and not overwhelmed.

Get moving!
When I stare at a screen for too long I start to go crazy so I need breaks. I try to get moving everyday but sometimes that doesn’t always go to plan with work and school. But now that I am at home all day, everyday, I try to get moving at least once a day. Whether that is a HIIT Youtube video, Sarah’s Day workout, short plank/crunch/pushup break or a 20-30 minute slow jog, I always try to do something. Or even a 10 minute walk outside that gives ur eyes and brain a break will help you survive the long day!

Here are some fitness YouTube channels I like (all are linked!):
1. FitnessBlender
2. XHIT (specifically Victoria Secret and Celebrity workouts)
3. Pamela Reif
4. MadFit (specifically 15 Minute Good Morning Workout, simple and quick)
5. Yoga with Adriene

Still get ready in the morning like you would normally
Do not sit in your PJs all day, everyday! Here and there is totally fine but try to shower, do you hair and makeup, and put on a cute outfit like it’s a normal day. This will help you keep a routine and get your body in gear like it would when you have normal work! Don’t neglect a good morning routine and the magical effects a shower and good outfit can have.

Find a hobby to try each week
Each week you can try a new hobby for the entire week. One week could be painting, the next week could be writing poetry or even knitting. Try something a bit more creative and artsy that maybe you would never try during a normal, not self-isolating week. Each week can be different so you always have a plan and can prep and spend decent time with what you’re creating. If art or poetry is not your thing, you can try running or yoga!

Start journaling
I used to journal so much before starting Merci, but now this blog is kinda like my journal. But, journalling is an amazing way to declutter your brain and take some weight off your shoulders. You can say whatever you want in your journal which is why it’s so beneficial. If you feel stressed, stuck and your brain is cluttered with thoughts, try a daily or every-other-day journal.

Call and checkin on family and friends
I hate talking on the phone, but I will admit that calling or FaceTiming whenever I can helps me feel less lonely and bored. I don’t call people a lot since I still live at home with my family. But, if you’re not with your family then you should definitely check in on them and have a good chat!

Change your scenery
This is my last tip for anyone stuck at home or working from home! I try to change where I am working or writing when I start to feel bored. I understand that we can’t really leave our homes and change our scenery, but if you can work outside/in your backyard, your office or even dinning room, giving yourself a new space will help clear your mind. I wouldn’t change it everyday since we are creatures of habit and like being in comfortable scenery, but change it up when you feel like you need it! I wish I could work outside but it’s still a little too cold in Canada.

Stay healthy. Merci.