I tried 3 CEOS’ morning routines to find the best one

I love morning routines. I think they are super beneficial and I always try to find the best things to incorporate into mine. That’s why I decided to try three CEO morning routines to see which one I liked the best. I highly encourage trying these and seeing which routine works for you! I had to customize each routine depending on what I had at home and if it worked for my life. I tried to keep each routine as unchanged as possible so you can have my actual reaction and experience. Enjoy! x

Sundar Pichai: Google CEO

7am: Wake up
7am to 7:30am: Read a book or Newspaper
7:30am: Eat a nourishing breakfast and drink tea
8am: Think about the big picture/Goals
8:15am: Get ready

Day one: I suck at waking up at 7:00am, so my routine may have started at 7:15-7:30am. I woke up, read for a little which I actually really enjoyed, made food then wrote down my to-do list and goals. But I really wanted to work out, too! However, I feel like writing down my goals and to-do list in the morning really helped me stay off of my phone and organize my day.
Day Two: I woke up at 8am. That’s all I have to say, I suck. I’m sorry!
Day Three: I feel like 6:30am or 7:30am is the best times for me to wake up because I just STRUGGLE with 7am. It should be easy but I always snooze so I usually ended up waking up at 7:15-7:30.

Final thoughts: I struggled waking up at 7am without really having a purpose. I am not sure if this was a good routine for me, I got a little bored. I don’t have school and on non-work days, it was hard to get up. But I really loved reading and organizing my day when I woke up before checking social media. It started my day on a more positive note, even if I could only read for 10 minutes. I will probably try to read OR write each morning from now on. But I think that part is all I would take from this since routine, I want to be more active in the morning. This would be a perfect weekend routine for people who need a tech break and want to really relax!

Debra Bednar-Clark: CEO of DB+Co

Wakes up with the sun at 6:30-7:00am
Checks emails, notifications and the News (specifically The Skimm by The New York Times) for 30 minutes
Eats Breakfast: Lemon Water, Cinnamon-Raisin Toast and a Latte while looking through Pinterest for design, career and creative ideas
Workout: Run, Yoga or Pilates at home
Get ready for the day

Day one: This one was hard because I felt like I could never wake up early enough and have time to do all of this and still be ready before 8:30-9. If I had to go into work for 9:00am…. I would be late. Also, it is SO HARD WAKING UP WITH THE SUN! I set an alarm for 7:00am since most days the sun was supposed to set at 7:15ish. But Monday, it rained and there was no sun so it was really hard to get up “with the sun.” I also didn’t like going straight to my phone since I was used to reading for the first 30 minutes like I did in my first CEO routine. I did find time to do a 20 minute workout video though! But I think this is too much.
Day Two: This routine is pretty much a fail for me. Again, 7:00am is hard for me and I have no clue why. This routine might have a little too much going on. I feel like I would need to wake up at 6:00am to get all of it done and still be ready for the time I would normally leave for work. I wasn’t able to workout on day two and I still don’t like checking emails and notifications right away.
Day Three: I like that Debra only workouts when she feels like she needs it. She really listens to her body, which is what I do. I didn’t work out but I woke up, kinda with the sun, a little after 7:00am and checked Instagram, my email, student portal and the news. It still isn’t my favourite thing to do when I first wake up but for someone as busy as her, I understand the importance to check everything asap.

Final Thoughts: I liked waking up with sun but it is really inconsistent and hard to do. I hate checking my phone and notifications right away but it’s kinda something we all do anyways. I just wanted to wake up and give my eyes a break since I knew I would be on my laptop all day.
I loved working out in the morning, I think if I was working a 9-5 this would be hard to complete waking up at 7:00am. But, I did enjoy running in the morning.
I think having lemon water when you first wake up is really beneficial, it kinda woke me up more than coffee would. It made my body feel good and I know it helps my immune system which I always need.

Jenny Fleiss: Rent the Runway CEO

Routine (I don’t have kids so I am really customizing this)
6:00am: Wake Up (Oh boy…)
Read for 20-30 minutes (Instead of kid time)
6:30am: Make Coffee and eat Breakfast, make to-do list for the day
7am: Running with hubby (don’t have that either so…. me, myself and I!)
7:45-8:00: Shower and skincare
8:30: Out the door to work

Day One: I say this with every routine, but waking up early is hard when you don’t have anything to get ready for. Especially right now, when I don’t have work or school to get ready for. But I set an alarm and woke up at 6:15-6:30am. That was the earliest I could do. This is a much more realistic routine for anyone who does head to work at 8:30ish. I also loved that I had time to workout and read!
Day Two: Even if I don’t wake up at 6am, this is a realistic routine for those who work. If I was working, I would actually have to wake up at 6am and could fit this whole routine in. Again, I love working out in the morning, it gives me so much energy. I like to sit after waking up and watch the news for a little before making coffee and thinking about what I have to do.

Final thoughts: This is my favourite morning routine because I think it had something for everyone. I love working out in the morning and making to-do lists. She also checks her emails which we know I don’t love, and don’t really need to do. But she incorporates time to eat, organize her day, workout and spend time with family. I think out of all three, this routine is more my speed whether I wake up at 6am or 8am!

Overall Thoughts: So I learned that unless I have school or work, I SUCK at setting an alarm and not snoozing. I am going to start trying to snooze less because it makes me feel extra tired and groggy. But, even if I woke up late, I still completed all routines just like the CEO would! I think after trying each routine, I want to take one thing from each.

From Sundar, I would like to continue reading first thing in the morning. My mind just felt soooo clear and ready for the day instead of instantly looking at screen. This also helped me get through some books that were collecting dust.
From Debra, I really enjoyed waking up with the sun and being flexible with my wake-up time. This is only realistic for the weekend, but I liked how it wasn’t too early or too late. I could choose if I wanted to get up at 6:30 or even 7:15 (which usually ended up happening anyways). I also like having Lemon water when I first wake up.
From Jenny, I really love working out like I mentioned a lot. I think this really helped my body wake up and get me motivated to get ready. If I could mush these routines together, it would be my perfect routine. But for me, the winning routine is from Jenny Fleiss!


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