What I learned from “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis

This was my second time reading “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and each time I find new advice that I love. I hope that one day I have the opportunity to write a book like this and help other people feel confident, motivated and happy. This book has a lot of great advice for women who have a goal of any kind but feel stuck. She talks about training for marathon, creating a blog, being a mom, and creating a business.

Rachel breaks down her book into three parts: Excuses to let go of, behaviours to adopt and skills to acquire. I think my favourite part was “behaviours to adapt” because it gave me ways to increase my productivity and reach my goals. I love finding tips and actually trying new things. However, there were a couple excuses that I really related to and were eye-opening for me. I will lightly go over some ideas I really liked. I am not here to rewrite her ideas, just show you what I liked about the book. Here are some parts I really enjoyed:

I Don’t Have Enough Time

There is one chapter and “excuse” she talks about that I needed to read again, it was about believing that you don’t have enough time. I use this excuse a lot because as a student it is easy to “be busy” and not have organized priorities. I realized how much time I waste on social media when I should be working, I might think I am being productive but only wrote one sentence. Having a goal means that you need to make the time to work on it, she recommends setting aside five hours each week to your goal. She gives really good examples of how to have proper time management and work towards your goal in an effective way. Like I said in my last post about making mind maps for you goals, it is easy to make the goal but actually coming up with a plan and working towards it is harder.

Fear of Failure

This is another excuse that I really related to because I was terrified to start this blog and be a total failure if no one liked it. I didn’t want people to find out, hate it and think I was a failure. But, we can’t reach our goals and become who we were meant to be without aiming high. We can’t work for goals that would only get us one step further in life, the sky is the limit and we should try news things. We can’t focus on all the ways we could fail. I hid my blog for months, but I am happier than ever now that I am done hiding it.

Building Foundations for Success

This was my favourite “Behaviour to Adapt” because it was all about taking care of your body and setting yourself up for success. In order to be great at something or reach the goal you set, you have to take care of yourself. You can’t train for a marathon but not fuel your body and take care of your muscles. Rachel discussed two foundations for success (out of like 10) that were getting healthy and finding a morning routine that is right for you, which is right up my alley. You need to set foundations that will help you be successful, you won’t get there without focusing on your health, routine and surroundings.

I wanted to keep this short and not repeat everything she wrote. My main purpose for this blog was to give you examples of what I learned from this book to help you figure out if this book is for you. If you want to achieve your goal, but don’t know how or are using every excuse in the book to prolong it, then read this. Rachel will help you get rid of the excuses you use, get set yourself up for success and find the skills you need to reach your goal.