3 Ways to Work on Self-Development at Home

I think a lot of people are starting to feel super unmotivated and lost while in isolation, I know I am. Many people can’t work and have to find a brand new routine to keep themselves busy everyday. I work a little but I still have a lot of free time on my hands. I have been working out almost everyday, reading, writing and trying to be outside as much as possible. I still felt bored, even though I was somewhat finding stuff to do.

That’s when I started to think about how I could work on my personal development at home. I am still developing professionally, working on my fitness journey and practising my writing. But, I wanted to use the extra time I had to grow with myself.

So this is my challenge for you, find new ways to develop personally. I don’t mean physically or at work, maybe for you those are things you want to work on. But, I mean how can you challenge your personality, habits and actions? How can you change the way you work day-to-day to increase productivity? How differently can you handle confrontations? How can you build relationships or even create a more positive relationship with yourself?

There are so many ways you can develop personally and the sectors of “development” may connect for your journey, but I challenge you to take this time to just learn.

Listen and Learn

One free and popluar resource that can provide you with tips and tricks to help develop yourself is, podcasts. I already talked about podcasts and my love for them in another blog post, but now I want you to listen and take notes. Put away all distractions and just listen! You can put on headphones, stare at a blank wall and listen to what professionals are saying while taking notes of what relates to your journey/goals. I dedicate a notebook to any kind of development, so that everything I learn is in one go-to notebook. I can listen to a podcast and take notes then a week later reread what I learned. Sometimes I take in more information when I look back on what I wrote from older podcasts since I tend to easily forget EVERYTHING.

Podcasts I love:
– Rise by Rachel Hollis
– The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
– Unlocking Us by Brene Brown
– TED Talks Daily

Change What You’re Reading

As I kid, I used to be really into vampire and mystery novels. Now, I am always reading a personal development novel from professionals who used their own tips. I think reading books about productivity, being happy, changing your mindset and setting goals is super beneficial. It’s like having a conversation with the writer and learning from their real experiences.

Some books I would recommend:
– When by Daniel Pink
– Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
– Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon
– The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Health
– The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Create Your Tribe

Social media is a way of life now, especially since we are isolating. We are a direct reflection of who we surround ourselves with but also look up to on social media. I want you to go through the influencers you follow and see if they’re a good influence for you. I don’t want you to go through and start removing your wacky family members because “they don’t match your vibe.” I want you to look at the people you want to be like. Everyone follows individuals who they see in a picture and think “wow, I want that.” I do it all the time. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing but you should make sure that these people are reflecting a positive goal for you. Find your tribe of people you can look up to personally and professionally that will push you to grow in the right direction for you.