My top five fashion items of the week

I realized that I never really blog about fashion on here! I share my “OOTDs” (Outfit of the day) on my Merci Instagram but never talk about fashion in longer blog posts. So, I decided to put together the top five things I have been wearing and loving this week! I will try to link all of them but some of my favourite items are 3+ years old so I will try to find inexpensive substitutes.

The beginning of the week was more wet and chilly so I was able to layer more which I LOVE! Many of you may not know this but my favourite season is fall because I get to layer outfits with cardigans and scarves. I have a problem with buying long coats and cardigans so I like to get my money’s worth and wear them literally all them time. This week I was able to somewhat dress like it was fall but there were a couple days where shorts were a must!

Clothing Links
  • American Eagle Mom Jean
    (Colour: Cool Classic, size: 6 Long)
  • Levi’s 501 Women’s Shorts
    (Dark Wash, Size 28-29)
  • H&M Blue Striped Blouse
    (Size Medium) This is not the exact one I have since I bought it on sale years ago, but this is the similar shape and pattern. Mine is a button-up cotton blouse with a collar and pocket. This week I paired the beige sandals with the button up and the Levi shorts!
  • Call it Spring Sandals
    (Beige, Size 9-10) Again, the sandals in the photo don’t exist anymore and it was so hard to find the exact pair to show you. I have them in a light beige and was able to find a cute pair that are somewhat similar!
  • Lululemon Align Crop 21″
    (Dark Olive, Size 4)