What I learned from “Super Attractor” by Gabrielle Bernstein

This book took me four months to read.

I struggled with this book hard, like worse than any other book. Do I think it’s a bad book? No, there were some chapters that I actually enjoyed. But for me, the entire topic of being a super attractor and becoming one was very hard to believe in. This book is VERY spiritual, whether that is believing in god, spirits or any spiritual guide. I have my own personal beliefs but even I found this a little too much. I wasn’t getting a lot of “aha!” moments from this book because it was not the guidance I was really looking for. But, I wanted to be open minded!

I believe in karma and putting out good energy. I also believe that everyone has a path in life and that we are guided to that path, whether that guide is a guardian angel or whatever. But there was a lot of trusting in the universe that got vey repetitive. The first four chapters were basically about the same thing, choosing joy and listening to your super attractor power. I honestly didn’t get anything from the first couple of chapters and I ended up skipping the first four or five chapters.

I really misjudged this book when I bought it. I thought it would be like a Rachel Hollis book and guide me to reach my goals, as it literally says “methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.” Maybe I was thinking too much into that but I was not expecting the level of spirituality that you need to truly trust and believe this book. There are somethings that I just couldn’t understand so I struggled a little.

The last four chapters were the most interesting for me. And I tried really hard to dedicate myself to what she was saying and wanted me to do within my daily life. There was a lot going on and a lot of little lessons, so I created my own meanings and takeaways. Here is what I got from the Super Attractor:

  1. Appreciate more
    Bernstein wants us to appreciate everything the universe gives us. The signs, the good times, the bad times and the goals we reach. Joy is a big theme in this book. Choosing joy can allow you to become a “super attractor” and manifest the life you were put on this earth to have. I like to focus more on the karma and good vibes part of this message. When we are choosing to live life with service in mind, helping others and being kind, I think we get more good karma back. You get what you put out.
  2. Everything happens for a reason
    Now this might not be what the author wanted to say at all. But I am choosing to read her words in this way, because it’s a way I can understand more. I believe that everything in our life happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand that reason till 15 years later.
  3. Stop trying to control everything
    This goes along with my point above that everything happens for a reason. If we try to control everything, we lose sight of the little wins along the way and all of the important things we can learn from. It’s all about trusting your path and listening to the signs and support you get along the way.

If you are more spiritual and want to read about universal/spiritual guidance, then I would recommend this book. Her personal stories and lessons are awesome but I just couldn’t dive deep because I didn’t fully agree with everything she mentioned. But if you do try this book, let me know what you think!